Every Story Starts With a Name

Hello Everyone! Or No-one right now as this is the first post to bring this blog into existence. I’ve recently been inspired to start writing about my new experiences in the realms of health, weight loss, nutrition, and life. I am writing this after losing a significant amount of weight and feeling more energized than ever before! But more on that will come later. Really I need to dump as much information as I can into this blog, mostly for the sake of my own memory. I believe in doing so I can create some meaningful content out there for people who may find it useful, and hopefully build a community of people sharing information.

The general format of this blog will be that I’d like to create new posts… say at least twice a week. Included will be a clever picture which may better illustrate what I am saying. Or it may just present at fun concept. Like this one of me preparing some raw vegan meals!


This first post I feel like I need to explain the name of this blog. I started with the title of the URL being Sustenance Kaizen. So I realize that this isn’t going to be a top hitter for people Google searching for healthy life communities. The key is that there is a lot of meaning behind these words. With the word Sustenance you think about the things that support life; especially nutrition, food, and environment we live in. That’s where I want to focus this blog about, or rather not focus the blog. I won’t make this blog all about food, since I believe that is only half the battle, I want this to be about all aspects of life.

The word that many people may not know is Kaizen which is a Japanese term for “good change.” This term has been made popular in industries like Toyota, GE, and United Technologies implementing manufacturing improvements such as Lean and Six Sigma. By using this word I’d like to integrate my background as an engineer in industry with my growing awareness of health. In doing so I can create a more structured approach – at least when I have time –  to apply life improving principles in a systematic way. This is sometimes counter to what classical methods would say, where you are looking for the next big breakthrough typically through radical change or new technology. When it comes to personal health I fear we may be overwhelmed by everything that is required and it is destined to fail. Or we may be waiting for some miracle cure of technology to assist us. The Kaizen way of thinking is more to focus on many small changes to improve an entire system. When you start to build momentum with this process you are more likely sustain the gains and it encourages you to continue on this path. At least that has been my experience, so I plan on using this mind-set to guide my future posts.

Hence the name Whole Life Kaizen (or Sustenance Kaizen… still pending) meaning continuously improving our entire life situation. Another way of putting I heard recently, is to choose to do one thing every day that will make you better. That is what I am all about.

So I am excited to start this blogging journey here!



3 thoughts on “Every Story Starts With a Name

  1. Great first post! I really like the name, definitely a unique blend of concepts which will come together in an awesome blog I’m sure. Look forward to reading these as they come into my inbox.


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